Why the M word shouldn’t be feared!

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You’ve just spotted that newly built, beautiful five bedroomed house you’ve always wanted. Money is coming in smoothly and the family are now ready for a new move to a new house. Now it’s time to set the wheels in motion and start looking for the right mortgage deal to make your dream house come true.  (I’m making this sound far too easy, I know.)

The first thing you need to do is not to rush into anything, ask around friends and family and most of all, do your own research! Usually people go to their local bank for a mortgage but specialist mortgage compare sites offer a lot more flexibility on things like poor credit history, people who are in self-employed work and first time buyers. When looking for the right mortgage company look out for these few things to make sure you get what is best for you and your families’ future.

Mortgage companies that are Independent and give you freedom and choice

For example a company like Rite Mortgages  are not legally ‘tied’ to any bank, they offer free mortgage advice on the whole market, this way you and your family can take their time on choosing which mortgage is best for them. Look out for independent companies that are authorised by the Financial Services Authority, smaller and more independent companies will treat their customer not as a bank card number but an actual human being. Therefore your individual needs and circumstances are catered for in the best possible way.

Let the Mortgage brokers work around you and your lifestyle

You are paying them to look after the money you are investing and also it’s the money you’ve honestly earned over years of hard work. Make sure you are treated with respect and consideration at all times. Some Mortgage advisers will come to your own doorstep at the time that’s best for you to fully discuss how your process of deciding a mortgage or dealing with a mortgage is going. Make the company realise they are being paid to find the best mortgage that will work best for yourself not for the companies own profit.

Keep paperwork and Contracts and make them respect your Privacy

So, at the end of the day, they want your business more than you want there’s, so make sure you have the confidence to make sure you get what you deserve…a reasonable mortgage, and that beautiful house!

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